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6 Binge-Worthy Shows You Should Be Watching Immediately

Let's be honest, we are still in the middle of a global pandemic and there is not much else to do, so why not sit back and enjoy these brilliant and original series.

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In our household, especially during this pandemic, the television is on a little more often than we would like to admit. Especially since it's been so hot out! But if the TV is gonna be on, you might as well watch some quality, feel-good entertainment that is (for the most part) hopeful and helps you unwind at the end of a long day.

Here are our top choices for the most binge-worthy shows available to stream for the Summer of 2020.

**(If you're looking for shows the whole family can watch, young children included, then check out our recent post 5 Children's Shows that will Keep the Whole Family Entertained).


1. Top Boy on Netflix

This is literally one of the best shows on Netflix. Since the arrival of the newest reboot, we have watched it twice. Yes, you heard us right! It's that good.

"Top Boy" is a British-created crime and drama series that tells the story of two drug dealers struggling to maintain a successful career in an ever changing London amidst the pressures of poverty, masculinity and violence.

"Top Boy" showcases beautiful writing and acting. It showcases how Black men are often forced to deal with the pressures of male adulthood with limited options. We love it because it provides a real humanist approach to the world of crime and explains that no one gets into the life for no reason. Everyone involved in the underground world of drug dealing has a family, a soul and a story to tell. Think of a modern, British version of HBO's "The Wire".

Our only con? For us some of the dialect was a bit hard to understand, so we watched it with subtitles like the American fools we are.

Bonus: A new season is on the horizon!!

2. Pose on Netflix

Second, on this list is "Pose". Set in 1987 New York City, Pose focuses on the lives of the legendary house mothers of Ballroom Culture. This show attempts to shine light on the lives of the Transgender community with grace, style, and empathy.

"Pose" gives us life and is filled with amazing actors that tell beautiful intricate stories through art, movement, and the devotion of chosen family. It also features the largest cast of Transgender actors as leads/regulars in a series to date.

This show has us crying, laughing, voguing and cheering for every single character we are introduced to. Surely it will give you all the feels and hopefully wake you up a little bit too.

3. Pen15 on Hulu (Bonus: Season 2 coming Sept. 18th)

Hands down the funniest show we have seen in a very long time (probably ever). "Pen15" is a cringe comedy, web television series that depicts the lives of two BFFs beginning 8th grade in the year 2000.

For anyone that grew up in the early 2000s, this show is an absolute throwback. This show has us crying from tears of joy and laughter.

It depicts the social discomfort, pre-teen angst and struggles for acceptance we all go through during the dreaded middle school years with authentic humor and courage. While we are all undoubtedly glad to be out of those awkward years, "Pen15" does a wonderful job paying homage to the children of the 2000s.

4. Love on the Spectrum on Netflix

"Love on the Spectrum" is one of the most original and delightful dating shows we have ever come across. It gives honest and refreshing insight into the unique challenges that people on the Autism spectrum are faced with when looking for a partner. Each and every person we are introduced to fills us with joy, compassion and hope.

You can't help but binge watch this show because not only are all the characters incredibly real, but this show helps to eliminate some of the stigmas about the Autistic community. "Love on the Spectrum" is upbeat yet genuine, and reminds us that despite our differences we all want the same thing, to love and be loved.

If you are a foodie, a chef or someone who likes to travel, then "Street Food: Latin America" is for you. The series takes us across several countries and introduced us to the bad-ass women and men who run their city's most beloved street carts and markets.

We found this series particularly uplifting and enticing because it primarily puts older women in the limelight. Many of the chefs who operate street carts are women with complicated and alluring backstories.

While "Street Food: Latin America" gives us serious travel and street food FOMO, it is ultimately a reminder of the resilience, creativity and intelligence that we all possess inside of us. Not to mention, if "smellevision" was a thing, this would be the time to turn it on.

6. Moesha on Netflix

"Moesha" is one of the most iconic shows to ever grace us with its presence. Set in Los Angeles in the mid 90s, "Moesha" puts an upper-middle class Black family center stage. Told through the eyes of 16-year-old Moesha, she confides in her diary and the audience about her everyday life ranging from dating to accepting her new step mother into her family.

"Moesha" was a show that helped millions of Black and Brown girls feel seen and heard while normalizing the stress, awkwardness and social pressures all teenagers go though. The characters are warm, funny and loving and the more you binge the more they feel like family. Plus the amazing outfits and music take us all the way back.


Reach out to us on Instagram with any other shows you think should be on the list!

Wishing you all love, health, and happiness!



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