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5 Children's Shows that will Keep the Whole Family Entertained (ages 1-5+)

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

These five children's shows are so good even us parents don't want to stop watching! They're educational, funny, and beyond creative!

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In our household, especially during this pandemic, the television is on a little more often than we would like to admit; we do our best to get outside, get creative, and spend quality time together, but sometimes, there are still points of the day where we feel worn down and need a little break -- oooorrrr your child needs their hair combed, and it's easier with a little help from some entertainment.

We've been on the hunt for some good quality edutainment, and we have come across some gems! So, without further adieu, here are five children's shows that are great for the whole family. Enjoy!

**(If you're looking for shows just for parents, then check out our recent post 6 Binge-Worthy Shows You Should Be Watching Immediately).


1. Tinga Tinga Tales on YouTube

This is our NUMBER ONE children's show we have come across to date -- 11/10, so do yourself a favor and give it a watch.

"Tinga Tinga Tales" brings you stories of why animals are the way they are. Each episode is an African Folk Tale on the creation of an animal and how it came to be the animal that it is today (i.e. "Why Baboon has a Bare Bottom" or "Why Porcupine has Quills").

The artwork and animation are absolutely stunning, inspired by Tanazanian art, and the entire series is informative, hilarious, and just plain fun for the whole family.

Our only con? Ads... SO MANY ADS...

2. Pete the Cat on Amazon

Second on this list is a relaxing (very important) household favorite that combines beautiful art and storytelling with what it means to be a good person and live a good life.

Originally a book series, "Pete the Cat" and his friends (each their very own unique and cool character) start a band, The Resolutions, as a New Years resolution to keep the crew together.

Each episode highlights a different value / moral ranging from trying new foods three times before saying you don't like it to the importance of being yourself because you are you, and there's only one of you!

The most hilarious show on the list, "Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom" has us CRACKING UP over the made-for-adults humor that accompanies every episode.

Ben (an elf) and Holly (a fairy) live in the kingdom of Fairies and Elves, fairies using their magic and elves using their wit. Honestly, half the time we couldn't even tell you what an episode is truly about, but we can promise that you'll have a good laugh while you watch, and so will your little ones.

4. Puffin Rock on Netflix

Another relaxing (and this is key) show that's fun for the whole family is "Puffin Rock", a series about a little island off of what we're assuming to be the Irish coast.

This fun and educational Netflix original follows two curious puffins, a brother and sister duo, that find themselves exploring the island and experiencing the many beauties of nature.

This short playlist of some classics from Eric Carle that have been brought to life through animation will have little readers of all levels listening and watching intently as these colorful characters spark the imagination of your little one.

This playlist helps us when we're winding down from a long day and need something with a little less noise and a little more peace.


Reach out to us on Instagram with any other shows you think should be on the list!

Wishing you all love, health, and happiness!



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