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Useful Tools for Upgrading Your Yoga Workouts

Interest in yoga has increased dramatically in the United States, especially since the pandemic took away our access to gyms and studios. If you're one of the many people interested in yoga, take a minute to upgrade your routine with these useful tools.

Yoga is on the Rise!

Interest in yoga has increased dramatically in the United States in the last few years. In 2013, some 20 million were practicing; by 2016, this number had jumped to 37 million according to Forbes, and we've all seen how the pandemic has pushed people in droves to yoga and at-home workouts (check out Lunita's 5 At-Home Workouts We Are Down For to see some of our favorites).

If you're among the many people who have taken up this practice, you have likely noticed an increase in strength, flexibility, and stamina, as well as mental clarity. If you are looking for ways to enhance your workouts, a wide variety of yoga equipment is available to help. Get inspired by these ideas from Lunita for upping your yoga game.

Use Apps at Home and On the Go

When you don’t have time to head to the studio, a yoga app is a great way to get in some moves at home. Check out Glo, which features professional videos of yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes—many of them taught by world-famous instructors. gives you a new practice every time, constantly keeping you on your toes and challenging your body. It offers over 30,000 configurations, and you can set the level and time beforehand.

You can also turn to the internet for your yoga practice. This is especially handy when you're traveling and don't have access to your usual studio. You can simply follow along in your hotel room. Check out YogiApproved’s list of popular yoga classes, from the versatile Yoga With Adriene to Fightmaster Yoga, which also offers 30-day and 90-day yoga programs.

You can also invest in a streaming stick, which you can likewise easily pack in your bag when on the road. Some devices also have smartphone capabilities, meaning you can stream content and see your photos on the TV, all from your phone. Just make sure you have a good speaker or set of speakers, such as the latest Google Nest or Amazon Echo Dot models, that will allow you to make the most of these streaming services with premium sound.

Buy an Exercise Ball

Incorporate an exercise ball into your yoga routine. For some moves, the ball can provide added stability. For other moves, it can challenge your balance and endurance.

Verywell Fit’s guide describes how to incorporate this versatile piece of equipment into yoga workouts. For example, you can use it for added support when doing rolling squats or challenge your balance by incorporating it into a seated stork pose.

You may want different sizes of exercise balls for different movements. Love Meditating lists their top picks that you can choose from and have delivered right to your front door. Once you have your new equipment, you can also use this investment for other forms of physical activity in your home. Popular exercise ball challenges include stability ball jackknives, hamstring curls, and V-passes.

Upgrade Your Yoga Towel

A yoga towel is a must-have accessory, especially if you do Bikram yoga; since this is done in a room heated to about 105 degrees Fahrenheit, it leaves you even sweatier than a standard yoga session. If you’ve been using the same old gym towel for your yoga practice for years, treat yourself to an upgrade. Your towel doesn’t just soak up moisture; it also provides stability and extra grip to avoid potentially dangerous slips.

There are numerous choices when it comes to a yoga towel. There's the IUGA microfiber towel, which provides good grip and softness. For something brighter, check out the YOGA DESIGN LAB models, which come in 12 vibrant designs from “mandala turquoise” to “Tribeca sand.” There's even a towel developed specifically for hot yoga: The Shandali Stickyfiber towel gets stickier the more you sweat thanks to its silicone web-grip bottom.

By investing a tiny bit of extra money in the above pieces of equipment, you can make big gains in your yoga practice. The resulting versatility will also ensure that you don’t get bored. Yoga is a multifaceted physical activity, and with some effort, you will find endless avenues to explore. These tips will get you started on the journey and set you up to continue enjoying the practice of yoga for years to come.

Final Notes

You can learn more about our guest poster, April Meyer, at her website, Mind Body Health Solution.

Remember also to check out the Lunita podcast and blog, and if you have any questions or experiences YOU would like to share, reach out to us on our Instagram or email us at We would love to hear from you.

Wishing you all health, happiness, and love.


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