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Trip Report #2: DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine)

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

What happens when you smoke a 35mg "breakthrough" dose of DMT? Here's a detailed look into a psychedelic DMT trip that will have you wondering what the hell this substance is.


This trip report is taken directly from my journal a day after a 35mg dose "breakthrough" trip smoking DMT, one of the world's most powerful psychedelics. I was alone with my wife (my tripsitter), had prepared for months ahead of time, and had done my research.

Backstory: At the time, I was pushing the limits of my psychedelic exploration. I had tripped before on magic mushrooms (trip report on that is here) and LSD, and I found myself in the presence of this new, powerful substance, DMT.

What is DMT?: DMT is the main active ingredient in ayahuasca, a ceremonial brew that causes intense hallucinations. DMT is also believed to exist in our body, even being found in varying quantities in our lungs and pineal gland. You can find more information on this substance at The Third Wave.

I also want to add that DMT is not ayahuasca, and the two substances and their effects differ in a number of ways. For more information on ayahusaca, please refer to this detailed article on

*DISCLAIMER: Many psychedelics are categorized as Schedule 1 substances by the federal government meaning that the possession, distribution, and use of these substances carry felony charges, large financial penalties, and possibility of incarceration. We do not condone or encourage the use of illegal substances; we are simply providing an educational foundation for those interested in the topic.

*NOTE: For additional information on the use of psychedelics, check out our podcast episodes and other posts on the subject:

I appreciate you all for taking the time to read. Thank you for the support, and I hope you enjoy!


JOURNAL ENTRY: "The Day After Death"

So, it's 2:45 pm, and life is rolling along as normal, but I obviously cannot stop thinking about last night's experience (nor do I WANT to).

The entire experience, from start to finish, lasted 12-15 minutes, but for me it felt like even less. I know that's a bit contradictory to others' experiences, but hey, each individual has their own experience, and mine felt like a 3 to 5-minuter.



First, I prepped THOROUGHLY!

  • Breathing Exercises/Meditation

  • Stretching

  • Restroom Use

  • Saged the house and myself

  • Cleared the negativity and let go of anything not serving me

  • Pre-journaled (a Gratitude entry)

  • Closed windows (so no ambulance or police sirens would f*** with me)

  • Lighting on low (Christmas light ambience)

  • 35 mg Dose in the Glass Vapor Genie (GVG for short) on a bed of CBD flower and all THAT on top of six screens

  • Playing "Temple Bells" from the MyNoise App (usually what I sleep to)

I had also been prepping for a LONG TIME prior to this -- Heroic doses of mushrooms, micro and macro dosing psychedelics, philosophy class, journaling, focusing on self-growth, inner exploration, etc. I also totally and fully RESPECTED (and do so even more now) the substance and experience to come.

My wife and I had talked a lot beforehand, and we were both prepared (as "prepared" as you can be for a first-time DMT trip -- both as witness/sitter and explorer/traveler). There was some anxiety going in, but we've discussed this enough to know what we were getting into (sort of...).



Hit #1

I sat on the edge of the bed, my wife to my left, and I took my final deep breaths before embarking on my journey... I knew that once I started, it was ALL THE WAY, NO BACKING DOWN! I went in with the idea and determination that I WOULD TAKE THAT THIRD HIT!... and I did, and I'm very proud of myself and my willpower, strength, and courage.

So, I put the torch to the GVG (again, Glass Vapor Genie for those that may be curious), and I slowly inhaled, and while I was inhaling, I KNEW it was a good pull... I held it, counting to 15 seconds in my head.

With each second, there came a vividness approaching and growing on everything in my field of vision... There also began a ringing sound, and the environment (plants, the floor, the couch, the table, the desk, everything -- ESPECIALLY the plants) began to become more "shape-based" (words aren't enough to describe it).. Things were showing me their true form/being, and they were BEAUTIFUL.

I held the first hit in for a slow/long 15 seconds, and when I exhaled, it was as if the entire space, the room, kind of bounced or rippled... it was INTENSE.

Everything became overlaid with geometric shapes, and there seemed to be a shine to everything.. The edges were PERFECT... really, everything was "perfect".

I was in total awe, but I knew there was more to be taken in (and at this point, I wanted to articulate what I was experiencing, but I couldn't even get words out -- I only said aloud, "Oh yea.. this is crazy."

Hit #2

I put the glass to my mouth for a second time, and I put the torch to the glass. I was REALLY having to focus on the second hit, and I could see the smoke going through the pipe, and I could feel the inhale... I'm not even sure how long I held this one in for -- it could have been 20 seconds, it could have been 7.. Time was leaving my space, my understanding.

THIS hit FLOORED me. The shapes of the leaves on the plants turned 4D triangular, pyramidal, and the world was CRISP! On the exhale, the entire room broke apart into shapes -- 4D, spinning, geometrical, beautiful, color-filled shapes. There were rows and rows of peg-like, hexagonal/octagonal columns. They made up the entirety of the space.. of ALL BEING.. And the floor seemed to have separated.. And all of this came on with a "WHOOM!!"

**Side note: At this point, I attempted to draw the columns out -- they truly were something out of this world.

I ALMOST handed the pipe to my wife, even saying, or at least thinking, "I can't take anymore," but I told myself I MUST finish what I had started.

Hit #3

I somehow put the bowl to my lips and the torch to the bowl, and I began what honestly felt like an ATTEMPT to take this third hit... Again, there is no recollection of the hit (length of pull or hold).

When I exhaled THIS one, I looked at my wife and asked, "How do I look? Am I OK?"

She said I was doing great, and I laid back, said in the most nonchalant way, "OK, well, I'm dying," and my soul began to leave my body.. but the word "leave" doesn't really explain it...



I closed my eyes, and I was transported through a fractal-filled "tunnel" toward a tiny center, expanding as it came closer to me (or maybe me to it?), and it was a blue/green/purple color (but like.. all kinds of shades).

There were "beings" or faces (the word "faces" is being used pretty loosely here) all in this tunnel/time-and-space warp. It was fairly terrifying... Let's be real, it was TERRIFYING. At the same time, I was also feeling my physical body clutching onto the bed, holding on as I was blasted from Earth to another dimension... I was both spirit and body at the same time.

I felt a puddle form around my waist... I had pissed myself (we'll get back to this), and the thought that came to mind was, "Ah, yes... I heard that happens when you die."

By the way, all these thoughts and sentences were said or thought in SUCH a calm manner. My wife said later that she was holding in her laughter.

THEN, I couldn't feel my body, and it felt like I breathed my final breath -- the last exhale... I was dead...

Suddenly, as I'm traveling through this, I feel myself kind of choking. I had TOTALLY forgotten how to breathe, or rather, I had forgotten I HAD to breathe.

I finally took a large breath, and my breath coincided with one of the gongs of a bell from the music I had playing lightly in the background, and this sparked a neon column to my right -- it glowed a brilliant, neon blue in sync with my breath and the bell, and it hit me that I may still actually be alive and that I should breathe.

Slowly, I began to take deep, steady breaths. I came upon the end of the tunnel, ripped through the dark hole, and I burst through to the other side...



I said aloud, "OK, this is a safe space."

I was being comforted by what seemed to be three or more shadowy figures above me, and the space looked familiar -- FELT familiar.

At this point, I think I raised my hand toward them, and I just started trying to speak. At first it was jumbled, as if language just never was part of my existence, but I was beginning to form a word... something familiar.

I finally got it out, "lll, llli, llla, luf, love, love.. Love.. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE, I LOVE YOU!"

I was a baby... They were parental and loving. I was attempting to tell them how much I LOVED them. I NEEDED to tell them how much I loved them. I needed them to know I loved them... and they knew, and they loved me, and they were caressing me, touching me, rubbing me, holding me...

I was floating, but I was laying in some sort of cosmic crib, and once I noticed this, I became my daughter, and I was looking up at myself and my wife (Side note: I had a 1.5-year-old daughter at the time). I was telling myself and my wife that I loved them (us...). And the Universe spoke to me, in my wife's voice, and said, "I love you. We love you. It's OK, you're OK, it's OK, and we love you, and you love us, and we love you, and it's OK."

And I could occasionally hear my wife (the real wife... "real"... such an odd word) telling me she loves me and that I was doing great. And I could feel her hand on mine -- holding me and holding the space -- and I had to tell HER I love her (and not just HER... not just my wife, but every being she ever was/ever will be/her BEING). And I felt overcome with SO MUCH APPRECIATION!

And I laid there, being comforted and being comfortable (the most comfortable I've ever been in my entire life).

I thought about my childhood (as an infant), and I wanted so badly to be loved like I was being loved now... and the entities/Universe said that they could show me anything I wanted, but I was still in a shock -- scared but happy and safe but scared... and I said to them (when I say "said", I mean telepathically or just happening without words..) that I just wanted to stay in this space, this comfort, longer, and they let me, and I laid there in love and comfort.

And then, I opened my eyes, and the world still had a bit of an overlay to it, but I was back -- peacefully back. The other side was SO loving and gentle, and to this day I'm appreciative of the experience...

I also had expected myself to be covered in piss... Luckily, I was not.



Thank you to everyone reading this! I appreciate you, I appreciate life, I appreciate the opportunity that we all have to be a part of this cosmic community!

I want to add that this report doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of these experiences. This is only a glimpse into what cannot be described, and everyone's experience is different.

It's my hope that some of you find this informative, educational, relatable, or at least entertaining. Remember to Love one another and experience life to its fullest.

Safe travels, and wishing you love, health, and happiness!

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